Cast your burdens

Cast Your Burdens: Setting Boundaries

Do you have things that weigh you down? Maybe it's a bad relationship, a financial weight, emotional, or perhaps your children? Well, I have a Word for my video here.

Jesus Invites You to Cast Off Every Burden TODAY!

Jesus offers you this invitation when He proclaimed in Matthew Chapter 11: “Come unto me all that labour (are weary and fatigued) and are heavy laden (burdened down and bent over from life) and I will give you rest! I believe you are on the verge of complete breakthrough in every area of your life! Spiritually, financially, and relationally. God has given me revelation that this is a season of RELEASE for His people, so you can move into that place of freedom and breakthrough. 

I need you to ask yourself- Do you have things that are weighing you down? Maybe it's fear, intimidation… Maybe it's a bad marriage, rebellious children, financial problems? Shame? Are you taking on the problems of family? DO you feel stuck?

Many times in my life I have carried not just my burden, but other people's burdens to a place that had an expiration date. In Psalm 55:22 God gives you a very strong promise. He says, cast thy burdens upon the Lord, and He will sustain thee. He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved. When it says “cast thy burdens”, it means to throw! To hurl! So when you're casting, you don't just say here's my prayers, and then you pick them back up. We are throwing them OUT! God's saying get rid of it once and for all. Be released from these burdens. Whatever is making you ineffective. Whatever is weighing you down. Whatever is taking your joy. Whatever is
disrupting your walk with God. Whatever has hurt you, whatever has caused you to not love God with all of your heart, soul, mind, your being, WE ARE CASTING OFF EVERY BURDEN!

God has a special plan and purpose for all of His children. But YOU CAN NOT ACCOMPLISH THAT PURPOSE WITHOUT FIRST CASTING OFF YOUR BURDENS! Why? Because we have been carrying our burdens. And God is saying throw it. Cast it off! If you'll hurl it, I WILL GIVE YOUR REST!

I believe I have been sent to give you a prophetic instruction and I know that your freedom and release will only come from following this instruction:

No. 1: Identify

You are to write down the top 3 “burdens” on your life right now. Whatever it is burdening you, let's identify it. Send them back to me with your Seed of Release. You don't need to write out details, just the word. And I am to take it to God in prayer on your behalf. 

No. 2: Activate

I want you to follow this prophetic instruction through fully and get this
weight off you for good. I want you to sow a “Seed of Release” of $55 or more for Psalm 55:22. This is a covenant that says, “THIS IS DONE NOW! NEVER TO RETURN!”

Cast Your Burdens Paula White Ministries

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I am sowing a "Double Seed of Release" of $110 or more for myself and another loved one! 

Cast Your Burdens Package

Remember to send me the names of the burdens with your “Seed of Release” - I want to see you released from them FOR GOOD, when I join my husband Jon and my intercessors at our prayer service on July 31st at The City of Destiny here in Apopka Florida and on Facebook Live, coming into agreement for your victory!